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Our Teachers

  • Matt HChicago

    - Married

    - Currently works in logistics

    - Loves to go to the beach

    - Lived in China for a year

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  • RebeccahCalifornia

    My name is Rebeccah. I'm located in Irvine, California and I graduated from University of California, Irvine. I love helping students to improve their English skills. I promote clear and effective communication and I will work hard to help you achieve those goals. I love science, I love to exercise, I play ukulele and guitar, and I have a deep appreciation for art and creativity! I hope to bring fun and enjoyment to all of my classes and I look forward to seeing you in my class ;)

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  • MichaelCalifornia

    - Michael is currently a student at USC studying English.

    - Born in the heart of Southern California,

    - Michael is heavily influenced by California culture, embracing the activities that can be done throughout the various locales.

  • AnthonyCalifornia

    I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California.

    I love philosophy, physics, mathematics, psychology, linguistics, poetry, and much, much more!

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  • AudreyChicago

    -Living in Chicago

    -Currently works at a Financial company
    -Married, has two grown children, a cat and two dogs.
    -Homeschooled her own children
  • UzairChicago
    I am Uzair Khan. I am from Los Angeles. I graduated from Tianjin Medical University. I love basketball. My favorite team is Los Angeles Clippers. I enjoy playing videos games and exercising a lot. I can speak English, Chinese, Spanish and Hindi.

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  • NahilaCalifornia
    Hi, my name is Nahila Pathan. I'm currently a medical student and I went to UCLA for undergraduate. Some general stuff about me, my favorite color is red, I enjoy basketball (go Lakers), football aka soccer in America. I love to travel and try new stuff. I recently visited China in July 2015. 
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  • JohnChicago
    - From Chicago
    - Computer engineer
    - Taught at Chinese school for 7 years
    - Loves science fiction
    - Married with two children
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  • JadeChicago

    From Chicago

    - 19 years old, college student

    - Love anatomy, psychology, music, dancing and playing lacrosse

    - Half Chinese.

    - Visited China few times

    - Interested in medical field

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  • MichelleChicago
    - From Chicago
    - 15 years old, Freshman at High School
    - Loves music, plays piano and flute
    - Loves to swim
    - Visited China 2 times
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  • Matt GChicago

    - From Chicago.

    - A first year college student.

    - Studying Chinese and Japanese.

    - Favorite color is blue.

    - Favorite season is winter.

    - Like the cold weather and snow.

  • KyleUtah

    - From the United States and I live in Chicago.

    - Go to high school and I am currently learning Mandarin Chinese.

    - Next school year I will be studying in  Taiwan!

    - Enjoy teaching English and sharing stories with you!

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  • WillChicago

    Hello, my name is William but my friends call me Will. I am a college student studying economics and Mandarin.

    In my free time I like to play basketball, read books and try different foods.

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  • SabrinaLondon

    Hello! 大家好!

    My name is Sabrina. I’m from the UK and am living in Shanghai.

    I come from London, England. Last year I graduated having studied modern languages. My first language is English, my second language is Spanish and my third language is Mandarin. I also learnt a little bit of French too! To sum up, I thoroughly enjoy learning languages and teaching others about English.

    Two years ago I was studying Chinese in Beijing, but this time decided to come to Shanghai as it is such an international city with people from all walks of life. Another thing I love about the city is that there are always activities and events going on. Every day is different!

    Most of my week is spent in the classroom learning Chinese. In my free time, however, my hobbies include cooking, travelling and dancing salsa.

    I look forward to teaching you!

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  • SophieNew Zealand

    My name is Sophie, and I was born in New Zealand to English parents. I am 24 years old and have a degree in Economics and Chinese. My passions are travel and foreign languages - I speak French and German in addition to Chinese and my native English. I have studied in China twice before, in Kunming in 2012, and in 2014 I spent a year in Beijing at Tsinghua University on a scholarship. I was also a tutor at Peking University for course about New Zealand history and culture.

    I look forward to talking with you all and helping you improve your English skills!
  • NickHong Kong

    My name is Nick. I have been working for the past 3 years as a teacher in Southern China, and currently live in Hong Kong. I am currently using the money I have saved from my teaching to study the Post Graduate Diploma in Law at HKU. In preparation for a legal career, I take a keen interest in business matters, and hope to bring my knowledge of the professional workplace and global business into the classroom.

    I can’t wait to get to know you all better during our lessons together."

  • KayRhode Island

    My name is Kay Liang. I am a 19-year-old Chinese-Canadian born in Guangzhou. I am fluent in English and intermediate in Mandarin and Cantonese. I am currently studying Illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design. My interests include food, relationships, lifestyle, Chinese culture and personal identity. Recently, I have been immersing myself in literature, film and Chinese calligraphy.

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  • AhmedAtlanta
    •I lived in Tianjin for 4 years, studying to become a doctor.
    •I was born in Toronto, Canada.
    •I used to live in New Jersey
    •I now live in Atlanta, Georgia.
    •My favorite sport is basketball and my favorite NBA team is the Toronto Raptors.
    •My favorite NFL team is the New York Jets
    •My favorite subject in school when I was growing up was Math.
    •My friend Uzair also teaches for links 123 and his classes are at Friday 11 am and Monday 10 am. He teaches English
    •His sister Nahlia is teaching on Wednesdays at 10am and Friday nights at 11pm.
    •GO CHECK our website to see all the different teacher schedules and times

  • CarmenCalifornia
    Hello, my name is Carmen. I was born in California. I have two years experience teaching kids. Currently, I am working as an English teacher in China. 
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  • MarianAtlanta
    My name is Marian. I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia. I have an MBBS in Clinical Medicine. I lived in China from 2010-2016, where I was able to teach english to people of all age groups. I can speak Mandarin, Spanish and my native language English. I enjoy traveling, cooking and practice martial arts.