The Story of a Remote Team

We might be the most hardcore remote team on this planet. Six of us live in China, US and Australia. We first met online in 2013,and did not meet in person until 2017. Actually only Jing lived overseas in 2013, the rest of us all in China, and four of us even in the same city--Shanghai. At first someone suggested that we should have a drink or something. But Jim said how about we don’t see each other until we’ve done something we are all proud of. Later on Chris left Beijing and settled down in his hometown, Paul and Adam left Shanghai and returned to their hometown as well, and Jim and Paula left Shanghai to make Sydney their temporary home. We worked as a remote team for more than four years before we all felt worthy of a meeting. When the day finally came, everyone left their remote nest and flew to beautiful Sanya. When we first met online, Adam was single, Paul newly wed. When we met in person, they were both happy dads already.

We have over twenty part-timers as well. Jing recruited teachers from US and England, etc., who have given thousands of free online lessons. Chris coordinates between teachers and students, and takes care of our daily chores. Paul leads our App team, and Adam is in charge of our web team.

It’s not an easy job to build up a remote team like this. Jing picked our teachers from over a hundred candidates. A self-claimed talent hunter, Jim has interviewed over a thousand applicants, all online. It’s even harder to manage a remote team. Nobody is around. Self-discipline is the only thing to count on. Full-timers are paid monthly, teachers weekly, the rest hourly, who log their working hours by themselves. Paula checks our remote platform CloudTeam everyday and pays out to everyone who has logged 10 hours or more. She handles this daily for years without delay or underpayment,even for those who underperformed. The only choice is to part with them, if found incompetent or untrustworthy. Only those of ability and integrity stay. Besides, we have an online ‘Flower Meeting’ on second-to-last day every month, reviewing progress and problems, and giving out ‘flowers' --bonuses to our star members of the month. Why on second-to-last day? Because we need the last day to stand by just in case. So far we have not put off the happy day even once.

At first we used Evernote as our virtual office. Later we modified Discuz but still felt deficient. In 2017 we decided to develop our own remote platform and named it CloudTeam. We have chosen remote working not only because we love a little more freedom, but also because we believe it’s the right choice for most jobs. It could be the ultimate solution to traffic jams, pollution and waste of limited resources. Not only does it save vehicles, energy and land, but also time, accidents, anxiety, and money. Obviously remote working is far from being the mainstream yet, but that makes it even more meaningful. Join us now, or any other remote teams by sharing your resume and story on CloudTeam. It’s good for all, so why not?

The Story of Jing and Jim

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